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She woke me up. beeg.com We both woke Matty up stripped his free porn beeg cot and gave him a cold beeg. strip wash. beeg hot His bed was wet on Monday morning as well. STRUGGLE: Despite everything that had happened I do not think that even then Matty took mother and my threats seriously. www beeg As it happened beeg mp4 mother had a dental appointment. I got permission to get an beeg sexxn early bus beeg xxx and miss games. I collected Jo and Matty. beeg.c Then we collected Sophie. Sophie went home with Jo. Even though she was only six she did not have to let her big sister hold her beeg hairy hand. Matty on the other hand had to endure that indignity. beeg 4k He was surprised when I took him into the draper. He worried a beeg sexxn bit when I talked of a big boy with a bed wetting problem and bought the nappies and rubber panties. He still did not believe it was real. At ten to seven he was beeg xxx in his nighty ready for bed, mother said. "Now for Matty's nappy." He tried to run away. We literally beeh carried him to his cot. We forced his handies into the special gloves. Then we secured his feet. I pushed a pillow under his back and was able to pin his nappy on. He was struggling and pleading. "Please, don't. I'm not a baby. It's not my fault." Mother warned him. "If baby doesn't quieten down he will find himself drinking a baby bottle of soapy water." That worked. I undid beeg videos one of b eeg the foot straps and slipped the rubber panties over his right foot. Then I re fixed it. Then I undid the bit on his left foot and pulled beeg anal it over. Mother pulled the panties towards his nappy whilst I re-secured him. We found out the beegxxx next morning that one nappy was not enough. We found out the following morning that two were not enough. From the middle of February until the middle of August he wore four nappies every night. Within a few days he was submitting without resistance to the humiliating ritual. Jo liked Matty even less than I did. She offered to see to beeg jepang his nappies most nights. Mother was happy to let the 13 year old beeg mom undress her older brother, put him into a beeg xx nighty, pin him in bulky napkins and then stretch tight waterproof panties over them. Jo also enjoyed actually putting him down in his cot and beeg-com making him helpless. SOPHIE'S PROBLEM: I noticed over next few weeks that Sophie beeg .com did not want to go out much. I did not connect it at the time with our washing line. Of course neighbours on all three sides could see the nappies and the rubber panties drying. They knew we had no baby. begg They assumed that it was a bed -wetting problem. They also assumed that this must be to do with the youngest child. beeg sex video It was just beeg porno after six in the evening. The shops had closed. I went next door to borrow some sugar. I over-heard Rosemary very confidently talking to Alice. "Sophie really is a baby. www beeg.com She's gone back to wetting beeg video the bed. I know because I've seen her nappies and rubber panties on the washing line." No wonder Sophie was so upset. And he had not said anything. Partly beeg moms it was because she would not be believed. But also Sophie was a nice child. She would not go out of her way to be horrid to Matty. Rosemary continued. "I asked her and she admitted it. At least she didn't say it wasn't true. Why else would they have nappies if it wasn't beeg sex for a girl of her age needing them at night." I went upstairs and knocked on the bedroom door. "I couldn't help hearing what you said. You are being very unfair to Sophie. I think you should come next door and meet someone." So they came. Matty was wearing a dress, a petticoat and a pinny. He was finishing the washing dishes pots and pans. Jo realized why I had brought the neighbours over. "Nappy time!" She announced. "But you can't beeg xnxx not in front xnxx beeg of..." Mother came in. I explained. "Rosemary was telling Alice that little beeg ass Sophie wets the bed. I wanted her to indian beeg know who the nappies beeg mature are for." Rosemary literally didn't recognize Mat. "Who's that girl and why is her hair so short?" beegcom I explained. "My brother Mat used to be very lazy at home and at beeg indian school. One day he saw www.beeg.com a boy who was punished by being .beeg made to wear a skirt. "Mat said he'd do anything not to wear girls' clothes. So his mother said: "You'll wear girly things until you have passed your exams." Jo added- without giving the full reasons. "Matty started wetting the bed. So we had to put him back into nappies at night." I think Rosemary really enjoyed watching my brother's dress being taken off. His other day clothes coming off. His nighty going on. And especially him having to lie down and let himself be pinned into bulky baby-wear. >From then on Rosemary teased Matty beeg-com much more than Sophie. LIFE WITH MATTY: For anal beeg the next few months my brother's behaviour was very good. He was nice to be with. www beeg He did not swear at people. He was helpful. He worked hard at school. He got much closer to Sophie. beeg xx The truth is that he actually enjoyed playing dolls- especially after mother confiscated his comic books. On the couple of occasions he beeg mom answered back he faced beeg.coom soapy mouth-washings. However mother had discovered the ultimate deterrent. "If you behave www.beeg badly again you'll wear nappies during the day." EXAMS AND AFTER: In June and www beeg com July .beeg both Matty and I had exams. We were both allowed to get away with doing less housework. the stakes were very high for beeg tube both of us. beeg x I HAD to get very good grades. A few weeks earlier in the careers class we had met beeg movies a doctor. beeg sexxx And she was a woman. Until that time I had just assumed that all doctors were men. In the same way as I had imagined that all nurses were girls. I had indeed thought about nursing. I do care about people. I do beeg beeg like the idea of helping people get better. But when I found out how little money nurses got I decided tube beeg to give up the idea of medicine. Now I was quite determined. I would be a doctor- and a xxx beeg well paid specialist bee too. For Matty too these exams mattered a lot. If he got the "O" levels he might get a better job. If he passed the Company exams he could work for Western Insurance. If he passed either he would not have to change into a frock every time he got home. Exam time is very stressful. We were both very ratty. I beeg massage thought we had free porn beeg indeed both done site beeg.com beeg very well. There was a problem. My last exam was beeg gesetz on beeg jepang June 27. The insurance Exam was on July 11. But we would not hear about the results until the middle of August. I spent that month working as a temp- at the records office of the local hospital. Matty spent that month being more and more annoying. He did less and less housework. He did it worse and worse. Mother got more and more angry: "Matty- beeg teen you're beeg . not more use milf beeg in the home than beeg/ a baby would be. If you beeg sex video want to wear nappies during the day you're going beeg teen the right way about it." Matty simply did not take the threat seriously. To be honest neither did I. I was sad that he had gone back beeg com to his old ways. On the other hand I felt that if the treatment he got had made him work hard, pass exams and beeg gesetz get beeg lesbian a job it was worth it. We had lived with a lazy, arrogant young man over the previous six years. We had got used to Matty. Then it happened. Naughty Baby Matty; I got bee a Friday afternoon off. Mother was coming beeg moms home from shopping at the same time I arrived. Perhaps we were both earlier than Matty expected. We found Matty wearing MY old jeans (the only pair www.beeg..com porn beeg of trousers beeg.com I possessed). He had to have been in my bedroom. He was smoking. He had eaten a lot and drank a lot of coffee. Cups and plates were all over the living room. Mother was livid: "What is the meaning of this?" Matty was defiant: beeg xvideos "Well I know beeg-com I passed my exams." I asked "How- the result doesn't come out until monday." He replied: "Well b eeg I just passed. Anyway you bitches can't beeg. com touch me now. I'll be working soon." Mother spoke quietly but firmly: "Matty, I never knew beeg vids until now how much you wanted to spend a whole weekend in nappies." Mother's tone was very firm. "Franky will you undress baby whilst I get this mess cleared up?" Matty knew we meant business. He just let me get on with undressing him. I took my time about it. Finally when I was finished undressing him I www beeg com said: "Lie still while I fetch your nappies." He obeyed. I also deliberately took my time over this. Finally I came downstairs. beeg come I acted in slow motion. beegs Babies's nappies were too small to fold. I pinned each of the four of them at each side. I made sure to make sure that each was pinned really beeg.con tightly. Then came the rubber panties. "Baba Matty- where is your fwock?" Mother came in. She had a better idea. "Franky, the dresses that Matty beeg lesbian beeg 18 has been wearing are far too grown up for a baby." Somehow I was able to squeeze him into a frock I had worn age seven. I was really glad he was beeg. so beeg ass slim. Now it was not actually a baby-frock but it had always been quite short on me. Of course I had always been beeg xx big for my age just as he beegporn had been small for his. He was thin enough to wear what I beeeg had worn porno beeg eleven years earlier. However a shortish 18 year old boy beegporn is a lot taller than a porn beeg tallish 7 year old girl. This showed. More to the point his underwear showed. beeg beeg There www.beeg was no way at all he could stand www beeg.com or sit without his rubber panties being clearly visible. Then beeg porche too there was a big bulge under the panties. The napkins made his ass very plump. Nobody could have been in any doubt about the details of his underwear. HUMILIATING WEEKEND: For the next couple beeg..com of hours Matty just sat still and felt miserable. Sophie tried to be nice but that made beeg free it worse: "I am really happy to have a new baby sister." Then at tea time I had an idea. Mother agreed. I called our on next door neighbors beeh and invited Rosemary and Alice in. Rosemary was very good at teasing Matty: "I've never seen such a pretty dress. It really does suit you. And it will be so convenient beeg poto at change time. Won't it?" At five o'clock we had our tea. Most of us had sandwiches peanut butter sandwiches, cheese and jam (what Americans call jelly). But of course the "baby" was too young to share our food. Instead mum made a mixture of bread and milk. We put one of his nappies round him- like a bib. The we each got a chance to spoon feed him. Rosemary was specially good at making sure that he got a very messy face. He had more surprised beeg .com coming. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! Alice had brought her camera. "Please don't. It's not fair." I wasn't having any of that. "It's your behaviour that's been "not fair." You have acted like a baby." Rosemary chimed in: "Matty acts like a baby. Matty's dressed like a baby. Matty is a baby." Jo added. "And shouldn't babies talk baby talk." Mother agreed: beeg hindi "That's right. The next time you use words that don't suit your clothes Matty you'll get some soapy water to drink and a spanking on your bottom- in front of everyone." A few minutes later beeg com Matty got up from his chair and started to go upstairs. Mother was beeg .com cross. "Come back this instant." "But I'm going to toilet." There followed a struggle. I grabbed and held my brother. Mother went beegs upstairs and undid beeg vids the special mittens from his cot. They beeg hairy were then re-fitted to his hands. "Hey, stop it!" I asked. "How many bottles of soapy water does baby need?" Mother was calm: "Just the one xxxbeeg for the moment. And I am surprised. You know I am used beeg porche to looking after babies. I know that babies can't help wetting their nappies. I won't be cross. "But I told Matty what would happen. At change time he can www.beeg com look forward to a nice hard spanking." So he porno beeg sat at the table desperately trying to avoid wetting himself. Rosemary and Alice looked at him fidgeting. About half beeg hindi an hour later I beeg moms came in with a baby bottle beeg. com of soapy water. Mother asked. "Would Rosemary like to give baby his special feed. You sit down and baby will put his head in your lap." So he had to submit to this humiliation - and from a girl beeg x half his age. Just as the mouth-wash was nearly finished he flooded his beeg tubes nappies. Rosemary commented: "I think baby needs changing." Mother did not agree. "I think baby needs to stay in wet nappies until bed-time. I think that might make Mat think about what a horrid person he has been for the last few weeks. "Oh yes- and I think babies crawl- they don't walk." Rosemary had no beeg come intention of leaving. Her sister stayed too. As a special treat "Baby" was allowed to stay up until nearly eight o'clock. He crawled around in soggy sagging nappies for nearly an hour and a half. At ten to eight mother talked to Rosemary. "As you know Matty beeg com. is a very big baby. Big babies do A LOT of wee wee. So we beeg mom had to give Matty four nappies. Would you like to help me. "If Rosemary undoes his dress and pulls down his rubber panties and undoes two of baby's nappies I'll undo the other nappies. "Then I'll wash round his botty. Then he needs a spanking." So Matty had to allow this little girl to undress him. He really was being treated like a baby. Rosemary also took her time about it. Mother took her time beeg poto about undoing the inner diapers. She washed him with a cold rough cloth. Then she put one nappy onto her lap. "Across my knees child." He tried to evade punishment by beeh pretending to be stupid. "The other beeg.com/ way." He was so humiliated by this treatment that he cried. I don't think it was the pain from the spanking. I think it was just that he beeg 4k was feeling so shamed. Rosemary was beeeg also allowed to pin on some of Matty's nappies and to secure him into his cot. He did not enjoy Saturday either. Firstly he had a mouth-washing for not using baby talk: "Mother I MUST go to the toilet." "I told you about not using baby-talk. And I told you that you can use your nappies." "I meant ..." I had, on mother's instructions, prepared a baby bottle of soapy beeg hd water. It was on the breakfast table. I stuffed beeg/ it into his mouth mid-sentence. Mother explained his situation further. "You know in beag.com my beegporn experience babies mess their nappies as well as just wetting them. "Of course if Matty's passed his exams www.beeg..com and is a beeg sex good boy he can go back to beeg milf wearing boy clothes. But I will still expect help in the house. That will beegcom include washing. I think there are going beeg 18 to be a LOT of nappies to wash." Next mother noticed his hair was now reasonably long. She put it in pig-tails with pink ribbons. Two other nasty things beeg xnxx happened. Matty was www beeg.com invited next door. He was able to hide his dress with a coat but he found that Rosemary had invited lots of her little friends to laugh at him. Then on Sunday one of www.beeg Sophie's friends visited unexpectedly. She saw Matty being changed. She said: "My brother is having his second birthday party. Can the big baby come." I went with him. I think he found his worst experience was not wetting and messing himself in front of all those people. The worst thing beeg porno was hearing other boys and girls being praised for feeding themselves whilst he was spoon fed and praised for using the potty. Especially as his nappies got so very wet. THE site beeg.com beeg NEXT FEW MONTHS: I got my place at University. I was able to do the right degree to get into medical school. It was very hard work and I was free beeg very lonely in London. Mat had passed his exams. He did work for the insurance company. As beeg massage it happened he found that our neighbour Alice was his supervisor. Perhaps surprisingly he worked reasonably efficiently. I do not think Alice ever made any specific threats. On the other hand the knowledge that your boss has the kinds of photos Alice had of Mat may have been a strong incentive to work very hard indeed. At home I am told that Mat did do his share- just about. It was an беег effort to get housework beeg com. out of him. Still this was a great improvement on the past. Mother never repeated the discipline. She did however leave the dresses in his wardrobe. hd beeg Just as a reminder. A FEW YEARS LATER: I was in London nearly qualified as xxx beeg a doctor. I was living in a xxxbeeg not very nice room. One day I ran into Alice. She had been promoted and was working in the London office. Still her flat (I think Americans call it an apartment) was not very nice- especially considering the cost. A little later that day I met Jo. She had become a nurse. beeg coom She did not like the nurses home. beeg..com The rules were ridiculously strict. They were being treated beeg mp4 like something between school girls and nuns. She badly wanted to move out, but on her salary she could not afford it. Then the idea came into my head. If we got together we beeg would be able to BUY a quite nice house for the three of us. That is what we did. It was a nice house. It had a nice garden. It was much better than any of beeg.coom us had before. The trouble was that it was very soon in terrible mess. Now none of us were beeg beeg naturally messy people. On the other hand we all worked very long hours. beeg sexxx We had a series of big rows. We seriously considered selling up 3 months after buying the place. We beeg.c did not quite get to the point beegxx of doing anything about beeg. com selling. Then one breakfast Alice mentioned Mat. She said that her successor has his supervisor was finding it harder and harder to get him beeg.com to work properly. Jo piped in. "Mother says that he now does beeg. hardly any housework either." So I said. "So all xxxbeeg that effort those years ago was a waist of time." Jo disagreed. "No it wasn't. It's just that he needs to spend some more time in petticoats." A few days later I watched an old movie called "Tender Comrade". It starred Ginger Rogers. It was about women war workers sex beeg who had shared a house. They beeg vids beeg indian too had found it hard to manage the housework. I mentioned it to Alice: "Maybe we should advertise for a housekeeper. With all our money put together we could maybe afford one. Specially as we could give her a room." JO'S PLAN: Alice had talked to Jo. She had found out that Mat's work problems were beeg sex even greater than we beeeg thought. She also found out from mother that since Toni had left she had wanted to mom beeg sell beeg coom the house and move into a smaller cottage. Mother had started to work for the insurance company. The only person who still really needed her was Sophie. It would, however, be difficult to get Mat out of beegcom the house. I do not know whether the blackmail was explicit or not. Neither do I know whether Alice had any influence on Mat's redundancy. I do however know that one Saturday my brother arrived. Jo beeg porche presented the four of us with a contract. We all signed it. MATTY THE HOUSEKEEPER: We had our housekeeper. Mat's pay would be pocket money, plus milf beeg having his food and a small upstairs room. beeg milf His "uniform" in the house would be little site beeg.com beeg girl clothes. Out of the house he would be allowed to borrow Alice's older clothes and have a padded bra. He would also be allowed to wear grown up women's clothing when we had company. If beeg teen his work was unsatisfactory we would be allowed to spank him. For beeg com. very serious misconduct we would have the options both of dismissing him and of ordering a spell of nursery discipline. Over the next few years the household ran wonderfully well. All our clothes were washed and ironed perfectly. We all knew that we could beeg tube rest completely as soon as we got home. Lots of people asked how beeg hd we ever managed to find such a treasure. At that time I did not tell anyone. THE 1960S: I noticed the amount of poverty in the part of London I was working in. I also noticed that many of my senior colleagues seemed to be on the golf course more beeg free often than in the operating room. I also worried about various wars and about beeg hindi the bomb. I started to be involved in politics. During the https //beeg.com 60s I never allowed any of teen beeg my political friends in. They would have been shocked at the very idea of a "servant". Actually servant was hd beeg not a good description of our relationship with Matty. It was much more like he was a loved little sister. Of course beeq.com we expected Matty to work. But beeg x then most girls help their parents in the house. We did beeg sexxn LOVE Matty. Alice loved Matty in several different ways. In 1963 Alice decided anal beeg she wanted a baby. I also knew that Alice definitely wanted a girl child. I beeg..com gave Matty an experimental drug. It worked. In fact I think it was the fact that it DID work which stopped it being allowed to be used. It was designed to beeg tubes ensure that a male for a period of months would only be www.beeg com able to father girl-children. Then at the right time of each month Matty was tied to a bed. His dress was pulled over his face. Alice got on top of him. Within three months Alice was beegxxx pregnant. The wedding took place as soon as the pregnancy was confirmed. It took place in a church of England church. Alice was very determined that her daughter would not be "illegitimate". The ceremony was interesting mainly for the clothing. Alice was known as "Al" for the purpose of the ceremony. She wore beeg lesbian full male drag. A beeg black suit, a tie, a top hat, the lot. beegxx Mat was known as Matty. He wore a wedding dress. beegs However he underneath not only did he have a heavily padded bra but also, strapped to his tummy, there was a bag of water. Matty looked nearly nine months pregnant. He had to walk for two miles through the streets of London. Everyone assumed that "She" was a "bad girl" being luckily rescued by a man who did the right thing. A few weeks after the birth they was divorced. beeg mature Alice beeg anal junior did not know who her biological mom beeg father was. She did wwwbeeg however learn that women should be supreme. For many years Alice junior thought mom beeg there was a hypocrisy in our family. How could we believe in beeg porn female supremacy and yet have a woman as a housekeeper doing all our housework. We of course made sure that little Alice was not there when Matty was spanked. THE 1970S: Then in the early 1970s I joined the women's movement. As you will know there were many factions. Some thought we could manage simply without having sex beeg any men. Other groups preached justice and equality. My small beeg porn faction did not want to do away with men. Neither did we preach equality. We felt that the only thing wrong with the male/female power balance was that it was the wrong way around. If Parliament had 605 women and 25 men we would be better governed. Or better still if men were given the legal status beeg xvideos of beag.com wwwbeeg Victorian women. Eventually I had the courage to invite some of my friends from this group home. Matty was very embarrassed when his birth gender was revealed. He threw a tantrum. He threw a cup at me. beeg/ I read out his contract- which had been renewed for five years every beeg xxx year. 8 different ladies tube beeg had him over their knees. He was given 48 of the best with beeq.com a hairbrush. As usual after this discipline he was stood in a corner. His pretty frilly panties were around his knees His frock an petticoat were safety pinned to reveal his very red botty. Two mirror were carefully arranged so that he had to spend that 40 minutes looking at his ass- and especially at beeg sexxx its new complexion. He was indian beeg also warned that I beeg videos would have to consider buying some nappies for him in case he needed a more humiliating discipline. The mention of nappies brought a request from Irene. She free beeg had been a battered wife but had escaped. She had two young children: "It sounds to me as if Matty is underemployed during the beeg gesetz day with you all out at work. I mean Alice junior can look after herself. Now I can't afford disposable nappies on Supplementary Benefit but I do so hate scrubbing dirty nappies. "I was wondering if you https //beeg.com could lend Matty. You say he is beeg tube good at washing. It would be such a great help if I had someone to do this chore." I of course agreed. Matty rebelled. The rebellion did not beeg . last long. He spent one weekend of WEARING nappies. He had suffered beeg black this indignity before. However there was a new factor. At the age of 12 Alice junior found out about her "housekeeper's" birth- gender she thought it was great fun. She had learned all her life that males should be kept in беег an inferior place. She was glad that the maid was male. She liked the idea of nursery discipline for a very special reason. Because of her upbringing Alice junior had never beeg ass been allowed to have doll. Now she had a real live "baby doll". I think Matty found being spoon fed and tube beeg having his nappies changed by his daughter especially humiliating. On Sunday afternoon beeg sex video little Alice said she would anal beeg take her "baby doll" out in his short free beeg dress and soggy nappies. They would feed the ducks. This threat ended Matty's rebellion. Matty called me. He agreed to be very good. We telephoned Irene and made the arrangements. Every other day beeg hot Matty would go to Irene's flat. beeg movies Matty would wash the wet and dirty diapers. Irene would have the full authority to spank www.beeg.com him if he did not make a good enough job beeg.con of beeg.com/ this. EPILOGUE: I thought about the experience with Matty. I also thought about how lazy and porno beeg incompetent many important rich men were. I knew that going to the right boys fee-paying school and having the right friends was what decided who got the top jobs. I also thought back to my childhood. I remembered not only Matty but many, many boys at my school. I remembered how badly Mr Pringle .beeg had run that school beeg video and how well Miss Hoffman had done. I wondered whether there were wider lessons to be learned www beeg from beeg anal our experience with Matty. I also thought about how happy I had been watching Jim Hay's discipline. I wondered whether putting www.beeg.com men into petticoats- and under firm female control- might make them much more useful creatures. Then I thought about Dad and felt begg ashamed of this idea. I recons